Managed Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Services

CipherSpace is an Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Services provider operating in Switzerland, the United States and India.

We specialize in virtual Data Center configurations with fully customizable features.

With our competitive flat rate billing, you have all the advantage of a utility cloud computing model without the disadvantage of variable, per-transaction billing.

For security, scalability and high-availability with no hidden surprises - welcome to CipherSpace, the cloud services provider.


  • Gateway Group One — Newark, NJ

    ...CipherSpace's core DNA for providing reliable, scalable, highly available, and secure services/products given us the confidence and reassurance that our environment is in good hands.

    Kurus Elavia, CEO

  • Vibbek AG — Urdorf, Switzerland

    In CipherSpace, Vibbek has met a partner who adheres to their strategic goals and offers support with a knowledgeable team...

    Stefan Köhler, CEO

  • BenefitPlan Manager — Mount Arlington, NJ a recent full-stack re-evaluation exercise we chose to continue with CipherSpace over AWS and Azure.

    Aaron Berg, Founder & Owner

  • PARM AG — St. Gallen, Switzerland

    CipherSpace team with its deep expertise and strong experience, has consistently proven itself as a remarkable company to work with.

    Eduard Pfister, CEO

  • scrible — San Mateo, CA

    ... More importantly, the CipherSpace team has been understanding of our needs as a growing startup. They've been flexible, responsive and easy to work with...

    Victor Karkar, Cofounder & CEO

  • Division 10, Inc. — Paramus, NJ

    Using CipherSpace’s managed services, we have been able to focus our energies on building expertise in our industry.

    Vipul Bhatt, President

  • Gateway Group One - MARS— Newark, NJ

    We are impressed with our vDC due to its ease-of-provisioning and in-built security allowing our team to focus on core development instead of spending significant time understanding and adjusting to ‘how-the-cloud-works’.

    Ana Scalia, Executive VP

Infrastructure as a Service

Integrating cloud services into your business can be confusing, unsafe and surprisingly costly. CipherSpace works with clients to optimize secure, right-sized, right-priced cloud services. Learn more about CipherSpace virtual Data Centers and Private virtual Data Centers.


All devices connected to the internet are vulnerable to unauthorized access. Unless your security is well-designed and kept current, you risk attacks, data theft, and hours of productivity loss. How secure is your company's valuable data?