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The lights in your house come on when you flip a switch. Water comes out of the spigot when you turn the tap. Once a week your trash is taken somewhere. You don’t think about how these systems work, but you understand their purpose. If any one of them breaks, it is detected and fixed - without you becoming an electrician, a plumber, a city planner. That’s how your business technology should work - always there, always secure, always supported.

Our Clients Are

cloud services for small to medium businesses


You get things done. You value trust.

You see technology as a tool for growth and not the business itself.

It's not only important, it's essential to keep a competitive edge. Do this with managed cloud infrastructure: 24x7 availability of your email, phone system, business documents, calendars, business software and, your company's online appearance.

Learn more about managed cloud services for SMBs... Find out how CipherSpace works closely with you. Our goal is to let you to achieve more by taking your 'IT' for granted.

cloud services for entrepreneurs and startups


You're an architect of the future.

You use technology to bring your ideas to life.

Whatever shape your ideas take, your technology should fit.

You rely on the flexibility of cloud services. But you don't want to read through confusing offers or be locked-in to services you can't predict.

Our IaaS services are perfectly suited for Startupreneurs.

Learn more about cloud services for Startups and Entrepreneurs... Discover how CipherSpace teams up with entrepreneurs like you. We want to spend time managing your technology so you can spend time nurturing your 'startup spirit'.

cloud services for enterprise


You have an innate knowledge of business.

Technology is integral to running your "ship". Customers expect your product to be reliable and their data secure.

Invest in a solid managed cloud provider that takes the time to understand your business. Let CipherSpace handle all the tasks that currently drain your valuable in-house resources. Delegate work to experts who will proactively monitor your systems and handle your security and backups. These are the systems that keep your business afloat.

Learn why CipherSpace is the right cloud provider for your infrastructure and cloud service needs.

Our Clients Say

Our Products at a Glance


private virtual data center services

Private virtual Data Center

What: A virtual Data Center with all the resources of a dedicated virtualized physical server available only to you.

Why: Data that needs to be completely isolated for compliance or security reasons. Great for companies that handle sensitive data or guarantee high performance 24x7.


virtual data center services

virtual Data Center

What: A fully isolated and secure virtualized environment housed in a secure data center.

Why: For consolidating and securing business processes: email, filesharing, webhosting, inventory, accounting, sales, etc.


private virtual machine services

Private Virtual Machine

What: Quick to create, scalable and secure virtualized computing in a shared environment.

Why: Great for innovation — experimenting with your ideas. Fixed priced/month unmetered data transfers.


colocation services


What: Your hardware managed in a professional secure data center.

Why: Businesses that want to protect their existing investment. Full control of their own hardware but want the advantages of a secure environment.

Managed Cloud Services

end user services


What: Cloud experts manage your digital work processes.

Why: Businesses that want to focus energy on their business not their cloud infrastructure.


secure shared storage services with guaranteed Swiss Data Residency


What: Your enterprise storage cloud - Guaranteed Swiss Data Residency.

Why: Protect, control and monitor data and communication in your company. Guarantee compliance. Share, collaborate and communicate within and across organizational boundaries.

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