Managed IT Services / Operations

“Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships”

— Michael Dell

In a business’ journey converting a healthy top line to a healthy bottom line, a significant contributing factor is operational excellence.

At CipherSpace, we bring excellence to IT & Cloud infrastructure operations. By increasing availability and reducing costs, we strongly believe that IT Operations Management provides a strategic advantage to our clients.

We efficiently run and manage every aspect of your IT & cloud operations starting with base operating system management to full-fledged system administration services.

CipherSpace Managed IT Services ensure that your business-critical applications are always available to you and your customers.

Managed IT Services at a Glance

Managed Operating Systems (OS)

Keep operating systems secure and healthy—from vulnerability monitoring and patching to configuration management and break-fix.
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Managed Systems

Our team of experts will run-maintain all aspects of your business critical system operations and supporting software stack.
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Managed Databases

We protect confidentiality, maintain integrity and ensure availability of all information stored in your databases.
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Managed Backup

The key to any risk mitigation strategy is a solid backup plan. We help you create, manage and maintain a backup solution for your business.
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Managed DevOps

Our managed devops service unifys the output of development and operations teams and delivers better outcomes for your enterprise.
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Managed DNS

Ensure the availability of your digital presence with managed DNS service.
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Managed Unified Communications

Unified Communication Services offers a managed collaboration platform for your businesses with all the convenience of email, calendar, contacts and IM.
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