Cloud Architecture

“Bridges are perhaps the most invisible form of public architecture.”

— Bruce Jackson

There is rarely a modern town that is not adorned by a bridge or two, yet few traveling on those bridges pay attention to their existence, let alone their craftsmanship and architecture! The function of bridges — to connect people, facilitate trade, and open up opportunities — is what drives their design and architecture.

CipherSpace’s approach to cloud architecture is akin to that of bridge architecture – designed to last, built to connect, and structured to hold the future of your business on its shoulders.

We work with you to deploy architecture that is resilient, cloud-native, scalable, secure, and accommodates the growth of your business.

Cloud Computing Architecture Services

Examples of the Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Services we provide:

  • Inventory existing patterns and anticipated growth in your workload
  • Select optimized resource configurations (CPU, Memory, Storage, Networking, number of virtual machines) that best deliver desired performance and response time
  • Identify dependencies and connections between application components
  • Isolate and secure services based on their access requirement
  • Setup for your enterprise’ need for high-availability
  • Combine best practices, expertise, and experience to secure your cloud deployment
  • Structure processes to backup/protect and encrypt your data at rest and data in transit
  • Put in place a monitoring and alerting framework that proactively detects anomalies and facilitates corrective action

Security – Why is it so hard to get started?

IT Security Controls

5 Steps for Organizations of Any Size – Use these steps to establish a solid foundation for developing and implementing IT Security Controls, and Policies and Procedures.

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