Cloud Monitoring and Alerting

“You have to stay alert. You’ve got to keep raising your game.”

— Larry Wilmore

There are businesses that get lucky and sail by in calm waters, and there are those that survive by their ability to ride the rough waters, but the ones that succeed are those who venture into uncharted waters!

Successful businesses are constantly monitoring their surroundings; they have an innate knowledge of normalcy, and have systems in place to detect anomalies in patterns – both internal and external.

They quickly acclimate to change, are acutely aware of shifts in patterns, and they stay ahead by being alert and raising their game.

CipherSpace works with your team to implement a comprehensive Cloud Monitoring Solution that covers your entire digital footprint. We use a combination of tools and human intelligence to establish baselines to maintain the health and heartbeat of your IT and cloud infrastructure.

Managed Cloud Services- monitoring and alerting

Alerting and Monitoring as a Service

Our Monitoring and Alerting Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Availability monitoring of physical and virtual resources – compute, storage and networking
  • Utilization monitoring of CPU, memory, disk space & swap space
  • Traffic monitoring on the internal network interface and internet-facing interfaces
  • Monitoring of kernel parameters & predefined stack parameters
  • Security threat monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • Threshold-based alerting for monitored resources
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