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Virtual Data Center

virtual Data Centers from CipherSpace are specifically engineered to bring your general purpose, compute-intensive, and memory-intensive workloads under a fully-isolated & secure virtualized environment.

Your vDC Cloud comes with:
          • A preconfigured virtual router with firewall capabilities
          • 100 GB Boot Drive
          • 1 Public IPv4 address
          • 2 VLANs

virtual Data Center (vDC) Configurations

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Instance NamevDC 5-18vDC 7-26vDC 9-34vDC 13-50vDC 17-66vDC 21-82vDC 25-98vDC 33-130
Memory (in GB)18263450668298130
Typical Use-case: Secure and isolated environment for your for diverse compute workloads, primary storage, and archival storage.

Our NeverSleepSupport is available 24 X 7 and will work with you to deploy/migrate non-standard configurations.

The virtual Data Center Advantage

You’re Up and Running:
          • Rapid provisioning capabilities
          • Fully operational and serving your data center needs in minutes

Extensible Architecture:
          • Support on-demand scaling
          • Maintain high availability

Easy and Generous Pricing:
          • Fixed monthly charges for internet bandwidth
          • Unmetered data transfer to the internet — All transfers within a zone are free

Our vDC Clients

Vibbek – A Leading Payment Gateway Company

Vibbek specializes in developing and operating payment gateway solutions software for payment terminals which provide payment transaction services to customers in Europe. A slim process, focus on defined tasks and a monthly billing model are core to Vibbek’s strategy.

Vibbek’s cloud-based software is deployed on a CipherSpace virtual data center (vDC) offering reliable and absolutely secure connections to handle sensitive customer information in a real-time context.

Hear from Vibbek CEO 
Stefan Köhler — Vibbek AG

Customizable Configuration – Augment your vDC:
          • Additional compute
          • Storage & networking resources
          • Additional 1vCPU and 4GB RAM slices
          • Non-standard configurations are always available, Contact us with your request

What is a virtual Data Center? Learn more about the benefits of virtual Data Centers and how they stack up against traditional Data Centers.

CipherSpace Virtual Data Center – overview (only 3 min)
The CipherSpace virtual Data Center (vDC) is great value for the money.

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