Service Level Agreement – Support


SLA – Support

CipherSpace’s NeverSleepSupport is always available to all customers. Whether you are just starting to explore advantages offered by cloud computing or are committed to leverage benefits of cloud computing services for your business-critical workloads, our support engineers are just a phone call away.

Based on current and future demands put forth by your business on cloud computing infrastructure, CipherSpace’s NeverSleepSupport provides options to help you maximize your business’s outcome.

For purposes of this SLA, the following terms have the meanings set forth below. We reserve the right to change the terms of this SLA.


Severity levels (impact on Customer’s Business)

Show-Stopper: Unavailability of business-critical systems. Customer’s business has halted.
Critical: Significant impairment of business-critical systems. Customer’s business has significant loss or degradation of services.
High: System Impaired. Customer’s business has moderate loss, but business can reasonably continue in this situation.
Medium: Minor Impairment. No significant impact to customer’s business.
Low: General guidance request. No impact to customer’s business.

Support Services

Strategic Advisory Services: Access to CipherSpace’s expertise to get best practices recommendations in the areas of security, high availability, scalability, performance, deployment architecture, and proactive optimization of your solution.

Support Services Engagement: A Support Services Engagement is up-to 8 hours of interaction for strategic advisory services defined above

Support Scope

Products and Services Covered

  • All products and services purchased from CipherSpace are covered.
  • CipherSpace at its sole discretion will provide strategic advisory services to optimize your solution

Responsiveness and Method of Contact

Initial Response Time: It is the time from when you submit your support request to when a CipherSpace Support Engineer acknowledges your support request. The Initial Response Time varies with both the support plan and the severity of the request.
Support Portal: It is CipherSpace’s primary customer-facing support portal.
Primary Contact Method: It is the primary method of contacting the NeverSleepSupport team (see table below).

Severity LevelContact Method
Show StopperSubmit a request on the support portal; followed by a call to provided emergency support number.
Critical, High, Medium, LowSubmit arequest on the support portal.

Business Hours:
08:30 to 20:30 — Eastern Time in North America (United States & Canada)
06:30 to 18:30 — Central European Time – for the Rest of the World.

Coverage Matrix:

Severity LevelCoverage
Show Stopper24 x 7
Critical24 x 7
HighBusiness Hours
MediumBusiness Hours
LowBusiness Hours

Support Plans

Following NeverSleepSupport plans are available from CipherSpace. These are offered to fit your unique needs. Initial Response Time for :

  • Basic — Business hours only
  • Standard — Business hours except show stopper and critical
Customer’s Business ImpactBasicStandardPremium
Show Stopper<1 hr<30 mins
Critical<3 hrs<1 hr
High<12 hrs<6 hrs<4 hrs
Medium<24hrs<12 hrs<8 hrs
Low<48 hrs<24 hrs<24 hrs
Support Services
Strategic Advisory ServicesUp-to 4 support services
engagements / Year

Customer Responsibility

When you select a severity level, you confirm that the issue has a business impact that appropriately aligns with the definition of selected “Severity Level” as described in this document.

You commit to continuous engagement that aligns with the “Coverage Matrix” described in this document, till the resolution of the issue.

You also ensure that CipherSpace has your accurate contact information.

CipherSpace is not obliged to a response time commitment as defined in this document if the customer is not able to provide adequate resources or responses to enable CipherSpace to continue with problem resolution efforts.

Renewal Policy

By default, your subscription to support will automatically renew.

Cancellation Policy

CipherSpace support plans require commitment for the duration of the subscription term. Cancellation will not result in a pro-rated refund.