13 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Office 365

Why Migrate To Office 365? Here Are The Top 13 Reasons:

Whether you are a decision maker for a small business, a medium enterprise or a larger corporation, discover the benefits of migrating to Office 365. Learn how O365 can help propel your business to success by improving efficiencies of your team through its suite of powerful productivity and collaboration tools.

1. It is a Bargain – Number crunching with Excel, Professional document creation with Word, and impactful presentations with PowerPoint, along with email services and cloud storage starting at only $5 per month per user. Now that is a bargain! Never before have you had an opportunity to use business-class office productivity tools at such ridiculously low price-points.

2. For the Savings it offers – Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription model. There is no need for an upfront investment to buy expensive software licenses. Your money is saved, and your capital remains intact to invest in other avenues of growth.

3. Office 365 is much more than Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – Don’t for a moment think that O365 is a fancy new name for Microsoft Office with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is a lot more. To start, it comes with Outlook, Access, and Publisher. It also includes services like hosted Exchange for emails, OneDrive for Secure Shared Storage, SharePoint for content management and collaboration, Teams for enabling your teams to converge quickly on a decision in chat channels. For enterprise users, there is also the option of Stream for video streaming, Yammer for an enterprise-wide social platform, and PowerBI for Advanced Analytics.

Depending on your need and sophistication of use, O365 includes all the tools and apps necessary to empower your teams.

4. For complete convenience! – What does a business like yours need to manage and maintain efficient business operations? A set of tools that just work the way you want them to work. These are some of the things that you might need:

  1. Business-grade e-mail service (YahooMail or ZohoMail)
  2. Secure storage for important files in the Cloud (Dropbox or Box)
  3. Calendaring solutions for managing schedule (Calendaly.com or 10to8.com)
  4. Tasks management software (asana.com or Monday.com)
  5. Office productivity tools (Apache OpenOffice or Apple iWork)

Good news! You don’t have to go to all those different vendors to get those services. Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated platform that offers all the above services at a single price point. Your IT team doesn’t have to deal with multiple vendors and your Finance department doesn’t have to manage many invoices. Software and services provided by Microsoft under O365 are best in class and have been the de-facto standard for office productivity for almost 3 decades now. It’s just convenient to get Office 365!

5. Wherever you go, it goes with you – Need to have a quick look at that quote before approval? No worries, Office 365 is available on mobile. On a camping trip and have to quickly respond to a customer complaint from a friends’ computer? Easy, just use Office applications from a browser. All your documents are securely shared on OneDrive, for you to be able to access anywhere, anytime, any-device.

6. Increase your Profits – O365 offers tools and features to radically improve the productivity of your team. It is now possible to co-author Word Documents or jointly modify Excel spreadsheets. Imagine the boost this can give to your business when your team is quickly reaching consensus time and again. It drastically reduces turnaround time in all your customer engagements, resulting in a better conversion of leads and better satisfaction from customers. Your investment in Office 365 soon will start showing up as an improved top line and a better bottom line!

7. To spread the joy of Collaboration – You can’t whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. Today anywhere between 50% to 80% of the time, employees are engaged in collaborative work like participating in meetings, sending emails, or taking part in group conversations. At such times, your business is only as effective as the collaboration between your employees. Office 365 features like co-authoring (Office Tools), shared calendars (Exchange online and Outlook), task assignments (Outlook), secure shared storage (OneDrive and SharePoint), and channels for group conversations (Teams) – Office 365 enables collaboration at every step of your business process. The resultant morale boost is just one by-product of the joy of collaboration.

8. It’s Surprising Simplicity – All the apps within O365 are intuitive and very easy to use. You don’t have to invest in training to learn how to use these tools. Microsoft has published tons of videos on YouTube.

 These videos make it simple to research a particular use-case or to learn how others are leveraging the power of office apps. These apps are feature-rich, easy to use, and packed with ready-to-use templates to get you started quickly for most common tasks.

9. To experience the benefits of collaborative tools, use Microsoft Teams – Teams is a chat-based collaboration hub within the O365 suite. With Teams, you can create teams (obviously), set up channels within a team to enable topical conversations like Design, Coding practices, Sales, Operations, or Fun. Mention a Team Member within a conversation to notify them, hold one-on-conversations, or group chats. You can even start a meeting or share files created with familiar office apps like PowerPoint, Excel, or OneNote. With Microsoft Teams, all your team conversations, related files, notes, and content are kept together in one place and easily accessible by everyone on the team. O365 Teams is pure magic for your geographically dispersed, culturally diverse, and multigenerational workforce.

10. Use Familiar Tools – You are always working with familiar and favorite apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Visio, and Outlook. And to top it off, O365 tools adapt to you becoming better for you every day. Enough said!

11. To not spend even a Single Extra Dime – Office 365 is pay-as-you-go. You only pay for what you use. If you hire additional people to support seasonal activities, you only pay for them during the season.

12. Cybersecurity and Compliance – Guaranteed by Microsoft, O365 complies with industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 1 and 2, and more… and is designed to help you meet the regulatory requirements of your business. For more details see Compliance Service Description on Microsoft’s Website.

13. It is always the latest, and the best – Microsoft is continuously innovating O365, bringing new features and functionalities frequently. Another benefit of migrating to O365 is that you always have access to the latest releases of apps from Microsoft. You are always at the leading edge of innovations, the latest, and the best!


Microsoft Office 365 is the best productivity and collaboration platform for your business.

By migrating to Office 365 apps and services, your business gets a productivity boost supported by improved collaboration amongst employees, a seamless information exchange with partners, and faster turnaround time in your innovation cycles and sales cycles.

All these benefits plus the familiarity of trusted tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and new tools like Teams and PowerBI for chat-based collaboration and powerful analytics, and services like business-class email, SharePoint, and OneDrive for secure storing sharing of information, make Office 365 the right choice for your business.