virtual Data Center (vDC)

virtual Data Center (vDC)

virtual Data Centers from CipherSpace are specifically engineered to bring your general purpose, compute intensive and memory intensive workloads under a fully-isolated & secure virtualized environment. vDC's extensible architecture provides all the features required to support on-demand scaling and high availability. All vDCs come with a pre-configured virtual router with firewall capabilities and 2 VLANs.

With our rapid provisioning capabilities and pre-defined standard virtual machine configurations, your vDC will be fully operational and serving your data center needs in minutes. All vDCs can be augmented‡ with additional compute, storage & networking resources. Our NeverSleepSupport is available 24 X 7 and will work with you to deploy / migrate non-standard configurations‡‡.

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Read our blog What is a virtual Data Center? to learn more about the benefits of virtual Data Centers and how they stack up against traditional Data Centers.

CipherSpace Virtual Data Center - overview (only 3 min)
The CipherSpace virtual Data Center (vDC) is great value for the money.

virtual Data Center (vDC) Configurations

Instance Name vDC 5-18 vDC 7-26 vDC 9-34 vDC 13-50 vDC 17-66 vDC 21-82 vDC 25-98 vDC 33-130
vCPU 5 7 9 13 17 21 25 33
Memory (in GB) 18 26 34 50 66 82 98 130
Typical Use Case: Secure and isolated environment for your for diverse compute workloads, primary storage and archival storage.

All virtual Data Centers are deployed on Intel Xeon processor based physical hosts and include:

  • • 100 GB boot volume
  • • 1 Public IPv4 address
  • • EBS-like Storage
  • Unmetered data transfer to the internet** — All transfers within a zone are free


Two storage types are available for your data needs:

Primary storage— a high-throughput EBS-like storage most suitable for frequently accessed data of your production/test/dev loads.

Secondary storage— a medium-throughput EBS-like storage to store infrequently accessed data like backups and archives.

Additional storage can be purchased in increments based on your storage tier:

  • up to 250 GB in 10 GB increments
  • up to 500 GB in 25 GB increments
  • up to 1000 GB in 50 GB increments
  • > 1000 GB in 100 GB increments

** Fixed monthly charges for internet bandwidth.
‡ Additional customization available in slices; each slice will contain 1 vCPU and 4 GB RAM.
‡‡ Non-standard configurations are available on request. Contact us with your request.

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