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virtual Data Centers from CipherSpace are specifically engineered to bring your general purpose, compute intensive and memory intensive workloads under a fully-isolated & secure virtualized environment.

Your vDC Cloud comes with:
          • A preconfigured virtual router with firewall capabilities
          • 100 GB Boot Drive
          • 1 Public IPv4 address
          • 2 VLANs

virtual Data Center (vDC) Configurations

Instance Name vDC 5-18 vDC 7-26 vDC 9-34 vDC 13-50 vDC 17-66 vDC 21-82 vDC 25-98 vDC 33-130
vCPU 5 7 9 13 17 21 25 33
Memory (in GB) 18 26 34 50 66 82 98 130
Typical Use Case: Secure and isolated environment for your for diverse compute workloads, primary storage and archival storage.

Our NeverSleepSupport is available 24 X 7 and will work with you to deploy / migrate non-standard configurations.

The virtual Data Center Advantage

You're Up and Running:
          • Rapid provisioning capabilities
          • Fully operational and serving your data center needs in minutes

Extensible Architecture:
          • Support on-demand scaling
          • Maintain high availability

Easy and Generous Pricing:
          • Fixed monthly charges for internet bandwidth
          • Unmetered data transfer to the internet — All transfers within a zone are free

Customizable Configuration - Augment your vDC:
          • Additional compute
          • Storage & networking resources
          • Additional 1vCPU and 4GB RAM slices
          • Non-standard configurations are always available, Contact us with your request

What is a virtual Data Center? Learn more about the benefits of virtual Data Centers and how they stack up against traditional Data Centers.

Our vDC Clients

Vibbek specializes in developing and operating payment gateway solutions software for payment terminals which provide payment transaction services to customers in Europe. A slim process, focus on defined tasks and a monthly billing model are core to Vibbek's strategy.

Vibbek’s cloud based software is deployed on a CipherSpace virtual data center (vDC) offering reliable and absolutely secure connections to handle sensitive customer information in a real-time context.

Stefan Kölher

Hear from Vibbek CEO Stefan Köhler — Vibbek AG

CipherSpace Virtual Data Center - overview (only 3 min)
The CipherSpace virtual Data Center (vDC) is great value for the money.

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