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Vibbek specializes in developing and operating payment gateway solutions software for payment terminals which provide payment transaction services to customers in Europe. A slim process, focus on defined tasks and a monthly billing model are core to Vibbek's strategy.

Vibbek’s cloud based software provides reliable and absolutely secure connections to handle sensitive customer information in a real-time context.

  • Vibbek’s visionary leadership had taken a decision in its early days to dedicate all their energy developing their Software-as-as-Service product and partner with a Switzerland based cloud service provider to help them design deployment architecture. CipherSpace worked very closely with the team to design a cloud-native deployment framework that would scale with growth in their customer base. Our team of engineers implemented the framework to segregate dev, QA and production environments to comply with Vibbek’s operations guidelines. CipherSpace manages and monitors end-to-end cloud infrastructure to ensure up-time commitments for payment transaction services.
  • CipherSpace Enterprise Cloud Services Provider working in close co-ordination with Vibbek’s team, manages the release deployment, patch deployment, connectivity, security and provides day-to-day system administration support.
  • With our reliable enterprise cloud, backed with our expertise in managing a scalable, and reliable cloud native applications, we deliver Peace-of-Mind to Vibbek.
CipherSpace Comparison to Other Cloud Providers - (1m 15s)
Stefan Köler

Hear what Stefan Kölher, Chief Executive Officer of Vibbek AG has to say about working with us:

"In CipherSpace, Vibbek has met a partner who adheres to their strategic goals and offers support with a knowledgeable team. They supported us competently and helped in optimizing the infrastructure to meet our cost and performance objectives, while guaranteeing us Swiss Data Residency.

Vibbek has chosen CipherSpace's virtual Data Centre to deploy cloud based payment terminal software and services. We are happy with our decision and will recommend CipherSpace to others who are looking for a provider who goes the extra distance to satisfy the customer.”

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Infrastructure as a ServiceProviding reliable remote, secure and scalable computing, storage and firewalling resources.

  • virtual Data Center
  • Enterprise cloud build-out
    • Testing environment, QA, User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Production environment

Managed Cloud ServicesFull service cloud based infrastructure that offers:

  • Operating Systems
  • Patches
  • Cloud Orchestration software
  • Firewall
  • Load balancers
  • 24x7 Uptime