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Enabling Remote Work During COVID-19

Enabling Remote Work During COVID-19
Tips and Tools for Businesses to Operate Efficiently

CipherSpace has years of experience in enabling small and medium businesses to operate efficiently with a remote workforce.


5 13 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Office 365

13 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Office 365

Whether you are a decision maker for a small business, a medium enterprise or a larger corporation, discover how Office 365 can help propel your business to success by improving efficiencies of your team through its suite of powerful productivity and collaboration tools...


5 Steps for Implementing IT Security Controls – What to do, and How to do it

5 Steps for Implementing IT Security Controls
– What to do, and How to do it

Having IT security policies and procedures is no longer optional. It is also not the priority for most organizations unless forced by regulation or demanded by prospects in sales cycles. Start with the 5 steps listed in this blog...


Create a Strong Password That Takes a Trillion Centuries to Guess - In 4 Steps.

Build an Easy to Remember Strong Password That Takes a Trillion Centuries to Guess (2020)

We are constantly reminded to create complex passwords and change them often. But the better the password, the harder it is to remember. So what do many of us do? ...


Managed Cloud Services prepared for hurricane season.

2019 Hurricane Season —Managed Cloud Services Shine in Bad Weather

The 2019 Peak Hurricane season is between Aug and October according to the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center. Based on seasons with similar climate conditions this year, we might expect...


cloud migration questions answered by CipherSpace crew on Quora

From Cloud Strategy to Cloud Migration — Common Cloud Questions from Quora.

A collection of cloud related questions on Quora that have been answered by folks at CipherSpace. These questions and their answers provide a great intro for the thoughts and concerns people have when thinking about moving to the cloud.


virtual data center blog illustration

What is a virtual Data Center?

"A virtual Data Center is a non-tangible abstraction of its traditional counterpart, a software defined world that lives within and across traditional data centers. It has all the resources (albeit virtualized) that a typical enterprise business would need to run its workload. Here's a quick comparison between a traditional Data Center and a virtual Data Center "


cloud strategy blog illustration

8 Steps You Must Take for Developing Your Cloud Strategy

"Cloud technology is rapidly disrupting old and new businesses. It is increasingly being looked at as the next wave of innovation delivering competitive edge and product differentiation in the market place. As a decision maker, you are required to periodically evaluate performance of the strategy in place, and take course corrections if needed. ..."


cloud migration strategy blog illustration

Cloud Migration - CXO's strategy for getting it right

"Many businesses and their IT departments make the mistake of mixing up moving to Cloud and moving their dev teams to DevOps culture. Blogosphere is full with articles which suggest that to reap maximum benefit from the Cloud infrastructure service you must move to DevOps, that you must re-think your architecture. ..."


cipherspace blog on open nebula

Providing Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure In The Cloud Age

"It became clear to us in 2011 that “Cloud” architectures were maturing in a way which made it imperative for us to create our own suite of solutions that would serve our clients differently and better than what they could get from the commodity sector."

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