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38 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Cloud Strategy

"Cloud technology is rapidly disrupting old and new businesses. It is increasingly being looked at as the next wave of innovation delivering competitive edge and product differentiation in the market place. As a decision maker, you are required to periodically evaluate performance of the strategy in place, and take course corrections if needed. You are determined to make a difference. These are but some of the questions, if examined in its full dimensionality, are very likely to get you necessary feedback to start the next iteration of 'build->measure->learn' loop. It will put you in the right path during cloud strategy evaluation exercise."


Multi Dimensional Approach to Cloud Migration

"Many businesses and their IT departments make the mistake of mixing up moving to Cloud and moving their dev teams to DevOps culture. Blogosphere is full with articles which suggest that to reap maximum benefit from the Cloud infrastructure service you must move to DevOps, that you must re-think your architecture. While it is definitely a good end-goal to have for some starting their journey, it is not something you would want to tackle from the get go. Moving to Cloud based infrastructure should not force you to re-think your existing architecture."


Providing Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure In The Cloud Age

"It became clear to us in 2011 that “Cloud” architectures were maturing in a way which made it imperative for us to create our own suite of solutions that would serve our clients differently and better than what they could get from the commodity sector."

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