Alchemy Solutions - Testimonial

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Alchemy Solutions —

“Alchemy Solutions is an innovative provider of ERP and other LoB systems, to many verticals, including Apparel, Jewelery, Leather goods and Cotton Trading. We have developed our own advanced tools that deliver zero defect solutions, which integrate data from LAN to Cloud to Mobile phones.

For such powerful solutions we needed the most reliable hosting services. For the Asset Management solution developed for Ernst & Young for example, we had 700 simultaneous users all India, often working on fragile network connections. We could not afford any surprises on Server availability, reliability and speed.

Having known the founders of CipherSpace for over 30 years, we had total confidence in their technical expertise, as well as commitment to quality at support. At any hour of the day or night, their support staff was available to advise us on load factors and resources needed, and they were able to scale up immediately to meet high demand conditions, or to scale down during low load situations, thus providing us with the most economical solution at all times.

We have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending CipherSpace directly to our clients for their own use, and we host all our sensitive projects with them.”

Ashok Hingorani — Founder & Chief Executive Officer