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“Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity”
— Mike Krzyzewski

There is no better signal than sustained growth to show a thriving enterprise. However, growth brings more variables, more moving parts, more interdependencies — creating and ecosystem that is far more complex.

CipherSpace assists your sustained growth by helping you manage that complexity. By providing services as one-time assignments, we deliver simplicity to our clients.

Don't let your business get bogged down.

CipherSpace will act as your trusted partner to:
- Help you deploy a project that has been waiting for resources.
- Give you the ability to say “Yes” to a project that requires access and coordination with IT infrastructure skills external to your business.

Our experts will blend in with (or lead) your team to get the work done, be it bidding for a new business, or deploying a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Here is a sampling of special projects we’ve done for our clients including conceptualization, design, and deployment of:

  • Enterprise Cloud and IaaS
  • Cloud deployment architecture
  • DNS architecture
  • Virtual Data Center security framework
  • Private and Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure setup
  • Hybrid Cloud environment setup
  • In-house IT to Enterprise Cloud Migration
  • Active Directory Migration
  • Mail & Messaging services migration including Hosted IP Telephony
  • IPv6 migration
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Alerting and Monitoring framework

Additionally we work on projects involving consulting and project management in the areas of

  • IT policies and procedure documentation
  • RFP response preparation and guidance
  • IT policies and procedures questionnaire response
  • IT Resource Optimization Study
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