Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services

IT Security or Cloud Security - defined as measures taken to protect an Internet connected computer or computer system against unauthorized access or attack which can cause loss or theft of data residing on, or disruption or misdirection of the services provided by, the computer systems. CipherSpace will use its extensive pool of IT Security experience in consultation with you to recommend and craft a custom, holistic solution for your needs.

These days practically every electronic device that we use, from cars to coffee machines, is connected to the Internet. In other words, we use the Internet daily for work, shopping, entertainment, education and various other things.

Being connected to the Internet is definitely is a boon, however there are many security risks that we face as a result. Systematic coordinated attacks by hackers and in some cases state sponsored organizations to spy on individual and organizational data are launched to steal identities and intellectual property or to simply render your servers unavailable to you and your customers.

CipherSpace provides comprehensive enterprise security solutions together with best practice methodologies.

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Cloud Security Offerings

In today's world, information technologies pervade every aspect of our lives. From Gaming, Studying, Shopping, Banking, Commerce, to you name it, the world is connecting more and more whether we like it or not. We use the Internet in many ways in our daily and professional lives without sometimes even realizing it. Many people and business enterprises rely heavily on IT & communications as never before. According to many recent analysts' reports, the "connected world" and "connected devices" trends are steadily growing day by day and set for greater explosion. As Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, said a few months back “The Internet will disappear." Perhaps that should be written as ""The Internet" will disappear (from our daily discussions)." In other words, like the light bulb, which was also an important technological development, we will not be talking about the Internet and will instead be talking about devices and apps that use it in the background.

This daily evolving digital transformation is definitely a boon for individuals and businesses however Cyber Security has become a major challenge if not one of the greatest challenges of our times.

With some recently reported high profile cases, it is clear that losses from security loopholes and sophisticated, targeted cyber attacks have significantly grown over the last few years and show no signs of stopping.

Over the last few years, cyber security has assumed paramount importance. A single short disruption to the enterprise business translates to significant financial damage. There has been a growing realization that basic protection tools for important corporate information are no longer sufficient to protect against today's new advanced cyber threats.

CipherSpace with its extensive experience and understating of cyber security, along with our holistic approach towards security can help your organization understand your security needs and requirements for the future.

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