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Easily Share Documents Securely



• Any file, Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

• No learning required

• Any version - forever

• Add and remove users

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It's a pain sending large files to potential customers — like videos or presentations. makes it easy to share and collaborate on everything - documents, spreadsheets, marketing material, you name it. Access files on any device at any time.



• Control who sees what

• Synchronization that just works

• Write anywhere, read everywhere

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We end up with multiple emails and many versions of the same document while collaborating.

Share files inside or outside your company – even set a time limit. Files update automatically for everyone. You, your team and your customers are always looking at the latest copy.



• Encrypted in transit

• Encrypted on the servers

• Backed up always

I am more concerned than ever about the sensitive customer information we handle.

Rest easy with Your company gets it's own private cloud. Data is always encrypted at all times.

We Work In Your Best Interest

filecabinet easy to use secure cloud storage

Many popular business services put your data in a public cloud. This exposes your data to potential third-party data breaches.

CipherSpace's,, is a single tenant storage cloud. It provides a dedicated and extensible data store for the exclusive use of the enterprise client — That's You.

  • Your data is encrypted at all times.
  • We use stringent key management.
  • We offer guaranteed Swiss Data Residency.
  • Quickly bring your data handling up to compliance with regulations.
  • Take charge of your data with fine grained sharing controls and extensive audit logs.

For a good overview on Enterprise File Sharing Security, read 6 Security Risks of Enterprises Using Cloud Storage and File Sharing Apps

Work As You Normally Do

filecabinet easy to use secure cloud syncing

It's the desktop you already know how to use. You don't have to change the way you work to get all the benefits of file syncing, backup and storage.

We use Nextcloud technology. Nextcloud is the choice of the central IT service provider of the German federal government. Nextcloud is trusted by SIEMENS, financial enterprise, Raiffeisen and research organization Max-Plank-Institute, to name a few. And recently, NEC Platforms, Ltd., started expanding it's Nextcloud network to millions of nodes in Japan. This brings the estimated total of Nextcloud users to over 25 million globally.

Why? Because it's Powerfully Secure and So Easy to Use

  • Integrates with your file manager:
    Finder on macOS, explorer on windows, Nautilus on Linux.
  • Drag and drop files from your file manager.
  • Open a file, edit, save, and it's automatically synced.
  • Access the Web interface from any device.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.

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Share Incredibly Safely

filecabinet easy to use secure cloud sharing

Share within your company, or with people outside. Company directory auto-completes addresses so you know you've got the right person. Just right-click a folder or file to access the sharing dialog.

  • Easy to use sharing dialog for every file.
  • Share a folder or just a file.
  • Send an encrypted sharing link.
  • Set a time limit on how long something is shared.
  • Password protect a shared link, set an expiration date.
  • Keep track of all your sharing activities.
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