Managed Networks


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
— George Bernard Shaw

Our team of Network Engineers has in-depth knowledge of the interconnected fabric that facilitates communication across data channels that transmit your business information. With our managed network services, there is no illusion of communication taking place - there is a surety that it has taken place with zero loss of information and value.

Our Managed Network services cover a wide array of network topology. From in-house networks with your own equipment to cloud based infrastructure - private, public or hybrid, our team of engineers work tirelessly to keep your information roadways humming.

Managed LAN & WAN

Your Local Area Networks are the intra-state roads and your Wide Area Networks are the inter-state routes of your business. As a business owner, you want to ensure that all the information reaches its destination – be it within or across state borders. Availability of well-maintained road networks that never choke and always adapt to accommodate growth of data and information being exchanged between entities you do business with – is something you (would like to) take for granted.

Our Managed LAN and WAN services is designed to manage and maintain the information highway of your business. We proactively monitor for roadblocks, traffic jams, rogue riders and elements that can potentially impact the smooth data flow and take corrective actions to keep data traffic moving with speed and reliability that your business has come to depend on.

Managed Load Balancers

With growth of business comes delegation of roles and responsibilities across regions, functions and business units. This is essential to ensure that all business can reliably scale in the backend and offer a unified experience to customers.

Load Balancers are these special purpose appliances that present unified and always on view of your applications to your customers at one end and manage the complexities of information dissemination and assimilation to and fro between providers services on the other hand.

CipherSpace’s team understands the inner workings required to configure and manage this complexity. We configure load balancers and monitor their performance to provide scaling required for supporting your business growth. Our managed load balancer service will deliver uninterrupted application experience to your customers.

Managed virtual Private Network (vPN)

With multi-location business comes the need to connect these locations in a manner that will guarantee secure and encrypted data transfer between these locations in a cost effective manner.

Our Managed VPN service covers establishing and continuous monitoring of encrypted IP tunnels over the internet between locations. We will configure and operate these tunnels over variety of client owned equipment across office or to facilitate secure data transfer to the cloud environment. We support site-to-site VPN as well as much needed user-to-site VPN for your on-the-road warriors.

Managed DNS

Domain Name Service – is at the core of world’s ability to find you in the Internet. An efficient and well managed DNS service is the 1st step towards ensuring availability of your digital presence. CipherSpace has years of expertise in managing DNS. We operate redundant DNS servers across the Atlantic to deliver reliable and highly available name services to our clients.

Our Managed DNS services cover the following key areas:

  • Domain name registration and renewal management
  • Highly available Domain Name Service supporting forward and reverse lookup
  • DNS Zone creation
  • Name Server records management including changes to A, MX, SPF and PTR records
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