FileCabinet Secure Shared Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage for the Small and Medium Enterprise
with optional Guaranteed Swiss Data Residency

Secure, Simple and Intuitive - Enterprise File Sync and Share Service - A file sharing solution created for business.

The Headache of Managing Company Documents

  • Are you (insecurely) emailing sensitive company documents back and forth?
  • Having trouble keeping track of who has the latest version?
  • Do you spend time and resources maintaining, storing and backing up company files?
  • Is the exponential growth of data and the need to access it from anywhere, anytime and any device becoming challenging?

These problems go away with CipherSpace, your own private cloud file sharing and storage solution.

filecabinet secure cloud storage icon from CipherSpace is a single tenant storage cloud. It provides a dedicated and extensible data store for the exclusive use of the enterprise client.

With encryption of data in transit and data at rest – CipherSpace offers an intuitive file sharing and collaboration platform to access, store and edit sensitive data from anywhere, anytime in compliance friendly cloud storage.

Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and media – every file that matters to an enterprise is stored in the cloud storage for users to access them intuitively.

Swiss Data Residency

Compliance backed by guaranteed Swiss Data Residency. from CipherSpace provides a Secure, Simple and Intuitive cloud storage that offers convenience to all.

Storage for Employees    Employees & Staff:

  • Collaboration – Internal and External
  • Secure File Sharing – Internal and External
  • Access from any-where, any-time, any-device
  • Consolidation – Institutionalization of organizational knowledge

Storage for the C-Suite    C-Suite:

  • Compliance friendly
  • Return-on-Investments
  • Free up IT time on researching, deciding on and deploying storage technologies to support business growth
  • Data encryption

Storage for Technical    Techs:

  • No setup overheads, no backups, no ftp servers, no VPN
  • Full admin control
  • Two-factor-authentication
  • SSO integration
  • Never run out of storage space

Storage for Everyone    Everyone:

  • Offline access
  • Desktop and mobile client
  • Auto backup
  • Versioning
  • Data protection – data backups included
  • Encryption of data in transit and data at rest
  • Audit reports

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