FileCabinet Secure Shared Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage for the Small and Medium Enterprise
– with Guaranteed Swiss Data Residency

Secure, Simple and Intuitive - Enterprise File Sync and Share Service - file sharing solution created for business that values ease of collaboration over complexities of managing and maintaining storage technology.

filecabinet secure cloud storage icon from CipherSpace is a single tenant storage cloud. It provides a dedicated and extensible data store for the exclusive use of the enterprise client.

With encryption of data in transit and data at rest – it offers intuitive file sharing and collaboration platform to access, store and edit sensitive data from anywhere, anytime in compliance friendly cloud storage.

Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and media – every file that matters to an enterprise is stored in the cloud storage for users to access them intuitively.

You are a decision maker in an Enterprise – chances are that all the activities you do and decisions you take, are directed towards one goal: making ‘your’ business successful.

It also means that it is important for you to remove complications, reduce risk and limit scope of non-critical activities.

While document creation, numbers manipulation, marketing material formation and distribution are key and critical for any modern business to thrive – employing resources to maintain and manage file servers to share, secure and backup files is a sheer waste of organization resources. from CipherSpace provides a Secure, Simple and Intuitive cloud storage that offers benefits to all stakeholders.


  • Spending decisions based on delivered value to the enterprise
  • Free up IT time on researching, deciding on and deploying storage technologies to support business growth
  • Compliance
  • Return-on-Investments


  • Collaboration – Internal and External
  • Secure File Sharing – Internal and External
  • Access from any-where, any-time, any-device
  • Consolidation – Institutionalization of organizational knowledge


  • No setup overheads, no backups, no ftp servers, no VPN
  • Full admin control
  • Two-factor-authentication
  • SSO integration
  • Never run out of storage space

    End User:

  • Offline access
  • Desktop and mobile client
  • Auto backup
  • Versioning

    Compliance backed by guaranteed Swiss Data Residency

  • Data protection – data backups included
  • Encryption of data in transit and data at rest
  • Audit reports
  • Versioning

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