CipherSpace Crew

Interesting and diverse people gravitate toward CipherSpace. Our mission on this crew page is to introduce you to the person, not simply a list of past accomplishments. We will be highlighting a few folks at a time. Our hope is to give you a glimpse of why it is enjoyable to interact with CipherSpace — either as a customer or a colleague. Maybe we’ll see your face in this group one day.

  • Featured Crew...

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  • Mathias Woringer
    Mathias Woringer Pantologist
  • Miheer Mafatlal
    Miheer Mafatlal Founder & CEO
  • Nikesh Thakkar
    Nikesh Thakkar Go To Executive
  • Bill Cole
    Bill Cole Spam Assassin
  • Cleo Huggins
    Cleo Huggins Designer
  • Jigar Shah
    Jigar Shah Listener
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