Cloud Onboarding and Provisioning


“Well begun is half done”

Though written in the 4th Century B.C., this proverb has managed to remain current and relevant through passage of time — with good reason.

In every aspect of life — education, sports, personal finance, career, business — we come across examples and experiences that prove, time and again, the importance of a good start.

Our onboarding and provisioning services have one and only one purpose, and that is to aid your endeavor to get a good start.

Whether you are moving new workloads to cloud or migrating existing ones, or creating an hybrid infrastructure, our crew will ensure that your cloud infrastructure is ready in no-time, giving your business a head start in today’s highly competitive environment.

So, what exactly is ‘well begun’ – some examples of our onboarding and provisioning services are:

  • Suggest optimized resource allocation to align with your workload
  • Instantiate cloud environment
  • Deploy virtual machines, storage, networking, routing, firewall, loadbalancers - within your own data center virtualization platform
  • Install and harden operating systems and 3rd party software necessary to support your business critical applications
  • Setup communication and collaboration platform (Mail, Calendar, IM, Hosted IP Telephony)
  • Install and configure dev-tools for version control, bug tracking, backlog management, and support requests
  • Secure deployed infrastructure
  • Migrate existing infrastructure and applications to cloud
  • Set-up monitoring and alerting

If needed, we can augment / lead your team by providing skills to:

  • Design deployment architecture
  • Refactor deployment architecture for cloud migration
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