Hosted Cloud Telephony Services / Voice over IP (VoIP) for Business

“Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.”
— Paul J. Meyer

Hosted Cloud Telephony Services, also referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP), allows your business to consolidate current voice, fax, and data lines into a single high-speed connection. We partner with Vantage Unified Communications to offer Max Voice - a complete suite of hosted voice services. By integrating these services into a single secure system, your communications capabilities increase. Without the overhead of traditional on-premise systems, your CAPEX expense and maintenance costs go down - and the simplified invoicing and flat-rate billing streamlines work for the accounting department.

User Benefits

  • Individual phone numbers
  • Extension dialing across sites and locations - 4-digit site-to-site calling and transfers for quick and easy interactions with co-workers, across the nation or around the world.
  • Unlimited domestic calling
  • Voice mail saved in email - Message checking from a single inbox
  • Team chat & video - Site-to-site chat and video instantly connect remote teammates working on a common project
  • Web-accessible user interface for quick services administration
  • Forwarding to a mobile phone or three-way calls to allow remote workers the same advantages as staff in the office.

Company Benefits

  • Only one receptionist needed to cover multiple location - use multiple 'local' numbers - all ring to a single receptionist position.
  • Call Routing based on time of day
  • Simplified invoicing and flat-rate billing
  • Minimal capital required
  • Lower cost than operating a premises-based system
  • Quickly add or delete users and services to meet 'current' business needs
  • Business call continuity in the even of a storm or disaster - re-route calls between locations in real-time - immediately react to or proactively plan for emergency office closings
Traditional Landline Cloud Telephony (VoIP)
Higher running costs Lower running costs
Expensive to setup and maintain – hardware purchase, IT labor and expertise Zero setup expense. System is self-managed. Customer support is free.
Difficult to scale – requires adding phone lines and hardware. Easy to scale - add users through admin interface.
International calling generally expensive. International calling included or at a very small cost per minute.
Voice mail options are usually hardware additions that cost extra. Voice mail is included and accessible online and remotely. Often voicemail to email is provided.
Customization is difficult and typically requires new hardware features. Easy user-level customization - ability to specify business hours, greetings & call transfers.
Conferencing usually limited to 3-way calling. Multi-party phone conferencing, video conferencing, business SMS.
Contracts are typical and prices decrease with longer terms. Early termination fees often apply. Contracts are rare, more frequently it is pay-as-you-go.
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