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CipherSpace was founded by Miheer Mafatlal who earned the distinction of profoundly impacting India’s foray into the internet with his involvement in the launch of India’s first ISP. His passion for security, appropriateness and connection to customers has attracted a skilled team of engineers and shaped the products and services that we offer. From our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to our Managed Cloud services, CipherSpace’s integrity and commitment shows in every unique client relationship.

We help small to medium businesses (SMBs), Startups and Enterprise businesses managed their Cloud - whether it’s setting up their IaaS, keeping their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications running or providing the full management of all Cloud infrastructure.

In a sea of ever changing options and chatbot relationships, you’ll find Peace of Mind when you join the CipherSpace family.

A Quick Tour of CipherSpace Products and Services

private virtual data center icon

When you need Data has to be completely isolated for sensitive data or cloud security compliance. See our Private virtual Data Center (PvDC) solution.

virtual data center icon

To consolidate and secure your business processes: email, file sharing, webhosting, accounting, etc. Or to run your mission critical SaaS apps. You might be looking at our virtual Data Center (vDC) solution.

private virtual machine icon

When you’re developing, experimenting or if you experience seasonal changes in customer demand. A Private Virtual Machine (pVM) might be the right thing for you.

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If you already own hardware but don’t want the expense of managing the right environment with high availability, climate control, high security. Colocation might be your next step.

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When your staff needs to access sensitive files on the road, or if your team is working on a single source of truth document, have us set you up with Filecabinet.ch our secure shared storage.

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If you are spending too much time and too many resources managing your cloud infrastructure. CipherSpace Managed Cloud Services are perfect for your company.

A Quick Tour of Our Clients

cloud services for small to medium business

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) - Achievers

Technology is not necessarily your business but it is a vital tool that powers your business.

You need secure shared cloud storage and file exchange, reliable email without quotas that is always backed up, webhosting that doesn't go down, your business applications up to date and running, backups of your company data.

CipherSpace Managed Cloud Services are a good fit for your needs.

Vipul Bhatt

Hear from Division 10 President
Vipul Bhatt — Division 10, Inc.

cloud services for startups and entpreneurs

Startups & Entrepreneurs - Startupreneurs

Flexibility and affordability are crucial to a good start.

You rely on cloud services to respond quickly as your business needs take shape.

CipherSpace helps you stay lean and focused with great pricing, private virtual machines that are easy to spin up or down and we monitor your systems so you stay working on the next best thing.

Victor Karkar

Hear from Victor Karkar Cofounder and CEO
Victor Karkar — Scrible

cloud service for enterprise businesses

Enterprise Business - Captains

Having been in business for a while, you keep growing by managing your costs and infrastructure.

You need to know that your infrastructure is secure, always up an running and help is a single contact away.

CipherSpace Managed IT Operations give Captains peace of mind.

Stefan Kölher

Hear from Vibbek CEO
Stefan Köhler — Vibbek AG

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